Reflections Magazine June-July 2011
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Smearing Herman Cain

Liberal hatred of black conservatives

Why is Herman Cain despised by the liberal establishment?

Mr. Cain is a prominent African-American newspaper columnist, businessman, politician and radio talk-show host from Georgia. He has many positive attributes: Mr. Cain is smart, articulate, and the successful CEO of Godfather's Pizza. Those who do argue that he is the right man for the job point to his business experience, career with the U.S. Navy, and political success in the office of the Treasury in Kansas City.

At the recently-televised Republican debates, one sponsored by CNN and another by Fox News, Mr. Cain demonstrated his thorough knowledge of politics and current events. He explained his support for Arizona's new immigration laws, plans for tax-code reform, opposition to gay marriage, and how he would streamline the Internal Revenue Service with a fair-tax system. 

But the unapologetic liberal media has relentlessly attacked Mr. Cain in an attempt to delegitimize him. Mr. Cain's beliefs and life experiences molded him into an African-American conservative today. However, liberal bloggers continue to disparage him, and make claims that his business and political experience are unimportant., a Website heavily promoted by leftist MSNBC, published an article on March 21 by Chauncey DeVega called "Herman Cain: Lover of Jim Crow, Apologist for White Racism." Mr. Cain was unfairly characterized as a racist and a 'fraudulent black person.'

 This begs the question: How and why could a famous African-American politician, who is now running for president, be a 'Lover of Jim Crow?' The answer is simple: he isn't!

In the article, Mr. DeVega, calls the Tea Party racist, conservatives racist, the Republican Party racist and ethnic conservatives traitors. Consequently, it appears that Mr. DeVega is bigoted against conservatives, and to the point of absurdity. Later on in the article, Mr. DeVega reveals the true reason for his slandering of Mr. Cain: “The Tea Party GOP is awash in the toxic fumes of white racial resentment, xenophobia and the neo-secessionist states' rights movement. These are efforts that do not serve the common good, and are especially noxious to the political health of black and brown folk." 

Almost all of Mr. DeVega’s blog postings are about race and how conservatives are pseudo-Nazis. Here is something that needs to be explained to Mr. DeVega: if a state, either Democrat or Republican, wants their own popular laws by referendum, then that is their constitutional right; insinuating that they are somehow pro-Confederacy because of it is absurd and sophomoric.

Before concluding his article, Mr. DeVega lashes out and insults Justice Clarence Thomas, liberal Fox News Contributor Juan Williams and Republican National Chairman Michael Steele. He writes: "…black conservatives have embraced a party that (especially given its current love of know-nothing politics) is hostile to a community to which they should have some nominal sense of attachment and commitment. With their ideology rejected by the African-American community, black conservatives are now quislings who seek solace in the arms of those who may hold people of color in low regard, but reward them for their novelty—and loyalty.", a Website that monitors the conservative movement, also attacked Mr. Cain in an December 16, 2010 article by Brian Tashman titled, "Herman Cain: The Right Wing Sleeper Candidate for 2012?" Mr. Tashman accused Mr. Cain of using stereotypical language and imagery when referring to black voters.

Digging up political dirt on Mr. Cain is nearly impossible, so the left has embarked upon a campaign of manufacturing outrageous lies and accusations against him. Studies show that most African-Americans are liberal. So in order to discourage support for black conservatives, progressives smear them. Congressman Alan West and Republican National Chairman Michael Steele have also been targeted.

The left wants to portray Mr. Cain as a racist, self-hating black person; someone who loves Jim Crow and didn't mind slavery. These outlandish smears do not tarnish Mr. Cain. They reveal, instead,  a pattern of desperate leftist tactics to destroy black conservatives. 

-Ben Sassoon is a student of International Affairs at George Washington University.


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