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Obamacare: worshipping sex?
By Michelle Laque Johnson

Did you know that Alfred Kinsey, the infamous “sex expert,” was, by training, a zoologist? Did you know that his so-called “research” included sex experiments with infants (you read that right) and prison inmates and that his results were manipulated to make Americans think they were not normal if they weren’t having lots and lots of sex?

Americans, particularly the young, have been sold a bill of goods when it comes to sex and we, as a country, are now facing the disastrous consequences.

President Barack Obama and those he has hand-selected to oversee key health care and legal positions in our government are fanatical supporters of contraception, abortion and euthanasia, which are all consequences of this enormous disregard for the value of human life.

This is why so many Americans are frightened at the prospect of a panel of government functionaries deciding the kind of care they will receive under the Obama administration’s so-called “healthcare” plan. They fear they may be considered expendable like the millions of babies being aborted. They fear they may be euthanized—which is not what we call it—but it is what actually happens to many elderly and disabled people in this country when they have their feeding tubes involuntarily disconnected by “caring” people who feel their lives have no value.

In addition to the gargantuan price tag and corresponding tax hike on the middle class that Obamacare would entail, these concerns over life are at the center of the battle that is raging on Capitol Hill. It’s the same pro-life/pro-death battle that was being waged during the election. The forces of death won that battle. Will they win the war?

Here in the United States, it all started with seemingly small things. We were told everyone was having sex all the time, so we thought we needed to do the same. What fun. We were told that our young people were going to have sex no matter what adults did so the responsible thing to do was to give them “protection.” That’s when we started handing out condoms and, when that inevitably failed, we began promoting abortion.

This is clearly Mr. Obama’s agenda. During the presidential campaign, Obama answered a question about abortion this way: “Look, I’ve got two daughters – 9 years old and 6 years old. I am going to teach them first about values and morals, but if they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby.”

Of all the “values and morals” Obama plans to teach his daughters, facing up to the consequences of one’s actions is clearly not one of them.

Apparently, it’s not a lesson in Planned Parenthood’s moral textbook either–one of his favorite groups. As we all know, statutory rape is a crime in all 50 states. Films by UCLA Student Lila Rose show this courageous young filmmaker in Planned Parenthood clinics across the country posing as a 14-year-old who’s afraid to tell her parents she’s pregnant with her 30-something boyfriend’s child. In too many cases, clinic workers help the young woman cover up her mistake. (See for yourself at

Because those in many “power” positions right now are those who have made sex their god, we are now facing disastrous consequences: a public plan with all sorts of dubious provisions that no one wants–not even the government bureaucrats who are crafting it.

We can take back our country, but only if the Silent Majority wakes up and returns to the values on which this country was founded–Judeo-Christian values which are based not on the enjoyment of unlimited sex, but on the Ten Commandments given to us by the one, true God.

It’s not too late. Only a year or two ago, I witnessed maybe 50 high school juniors from across the Philadelphia area, who came to a church-sponsored all-day seminar on sex and love; undoubtedly they came because they wanted to get a sanctioned day off from school. Most arrived at the venue with a very large chip on their too-cool shoulders.

But something happened after the teens viewed two movie clips. One clip, which every teen in the room had all seen, featured a frat house party with lots of drunken and lewd behavior.

The next clip was from “A Walk to Remember,” with teen idol Mandy Moore playing a preacher’s daughter and Shane West playing a popular but rebellious young boy who’s unexpectedly fallen in love with this uncool girl.

In this clip, Shane is coming on to Mandy and she asks him if he’s trying to seduce her. He says, “Would it work?” She gives him “the look.” Instead of saying, “If you really loved me, you’d have sex with me,” he then pulls out a piece of paper and eagerly shows this girl for whom he has changed for the better that he’s had a star named for her. She says, “I love you” and they kiss.

At that moment, every girl in the room wanted to be Mandy Moore. For the first time, these teens finally got the difference between love and sex.

At the end of the day, the teens filed out and, one by one, they thanked the sponsors. The girls especially said things like, “Thank you for showing me how to act.”

Too many adults no longer know how to act. They support a right to choose even though they “wouldn’t have an abortion themselves.” They don’t want to be uncool with their kids so they look the other way when they go to parties they shouldn’t go to and have sex they’re not ready to handle. They don’t want to judge, and so they say nothing when someone they know is thinking of having an abortion, or when they see a television show or movie that gives the wrong message to an impressionable teen.

Unless and until we take back our country from those who worship at the altar of unlimited sex for everyone, with anyone, at any age, we will continue to see skyrocketing rates of sexually transmitted diseases, rampant abortion and euthanasia, an increasing acceptance of suicide and, yes, a healthcare plan that denies anything but palliative care to those U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg recently called “undesirables.”

Once, on a hill named Calvary, we murdered the real God. Since then we have trampled on his commandments in sanctioning widespread contraception, abortion and euthanasia.

Today, in homes, schools and town halls across the nation, we need to re-assert our values. We need to make it clear to our elected officials that we want to stop killing our children, the elderly and the disabled and instead kill this so-called health care bill and the god it rode in on.

-Michelle Laque Johnson is director of communications for EWTN, the largest religious media network in the world. The views expressed are solely her own and do not necessarily reflect those of EWTN.